Sailing – Day 2 – Cane Garden Bay to Manchioneel Bay

Cap’n Andy and John set a course

– early start with a nice swim into the beach, 5k beach run and a bit of exercise
– back onboard around 0700 and cooked and ate breakfast with everyone
– did some basic chart reading skills lat / lon determination etc.
– reviewed the magnetic v. true north and how to set adjust for these
– plotted a course out and set off
– sailed up the west and then north coast of tortola in what became a fairly strong wind
– was really a day about course plotting and navigating, points of sail, a start on passage planning.

Stunning sunsets looking West toward Tortola

what i learned: was really interesting to learn the mag to true conversion method; depowering the foresail when hoving to; spilling wind with the traveller in a high wind / puff; directional information on cardinal bouys N/E/S/W; yolking the bow onto a bouy
what i was happy with: issuing commands for a gybe and the course steering from open water into the harbour; raising the main sail; catching the mistake on the chart plotting
what i wasn’t happy with: still struggle with knots when being tested and watched for some reason; not knowing what to do in a heavy heal / big puff; still not hundred pct on the order of things for lowering mainsail.
what i want to work on: more passage planning; nailing the right process for mediating between course / direction / speed / tack

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