Pula Cruise, May 14 – 21, 2016

Crew (Starcatcher)

  • Matt O’Neill (Skipper)
    • +44 (0) 7725 553 368
    • tmattoneill@gmail.com
  • Bethan Crockett
  • Louise Harris
  • Natasha Paes
  • Kate Winfield
  • Keith Shaw
  • Nerissa MacDonald
  • Stacy Swan
  • Ciaran McMahon

Second Yacht (Kurba Vela)

  • Andrew Robinson (Skipper)
    • +44 (0) 7809 145182
    • androbbo11@hotmail.co.uk

Pula Base Location

  • Marina Veruda, Pula Croatia
  • Charter Company: Kiriacoulis Mediterranean
    • Charter number: 279543
    • Bavaria Cruiser 46′
    • 4 cabins, 3 heads
    • Yacht name: Starcatcher

Please note that this marina is about 3.5 miles outside of town on the coast. It is not the marina in the middle of town. You should tell cab drivers that you are going to Marina Veruda.

Matt, Bethan, and Natasha will be landing in Pula Saturday morning and heading to the marina to check things out there. While we technically. don’ embark until 1700h we should be able to get access to the yacht earlier in the day. We should all plan to be at the marina no later than 1700h or so. It’s a big marina with shops, stores, bars, etc.

We will be spending Saturday night on the boat but can dine in Pula, at the marina, or on the boat.

Weather note

Unfortunately the long-term weather forecast isn’t as ideal as we’d hope for this time of year. It’s looking at bit wetter and bit colder than normal. Be prepared for this and set your expectations and wardrobe accordingly.

Highs are forecast around 17C-19C with rains, sometimes heavy, predicted. That said, these should be passing showers. Of course Sunday, when we fly out the weather is predicted as, and I quote, “Brilliant sunshine” and 23C. The weather gods have been wrong in the past. Let’s hope they are again, in our favour, this time.

Should there be a day that just looks bad, we may need to make a call on a no-sail day and revise our intinerary accordingly. But let’s all hope it doesn’t come to that.

What to pack

As you might suspect from the above, you’ll have to put a bit of consideration into your packing. It’s not just a couple bathing suits and you’re good to go, I’m afraid to say. Here’s what I’d suggest:


  • Lightweight / Mid weight waterproof outerwear
  • Mid weight jumper (like what you might wear on a chilly October evening)
  • A pair or two of comfortable, warm trousers
  • Shoes: onboard you’ll need deck shoes. Trainers with light soles are fine. No dark soled shoes. I also suggest closed-toe shoes as there’s lots to stub your toes on. Also, the grip on the sometimes wet deck is useful.
  • T-shirts and long-sleeve tees
  • Bathing suit (says the optimist in me!)
  • Hat (with a lead to clip onto your shirt so it doesn’t blow away)
  • Sunnies (even on an overcast day they’re good to have); Polarised are best
  • Unmentionables of your choosing
  • Socks. One pair of warm socks is sometimes a nice treat if there’s a cold and wet day. Putting them on at the end of the day is one at of life’s little pleasures.
  • THINK: LAYERS. Breathable. I like cottons and merino wools and then a waterproof, breathable outer-shell (like Gore-tex)
  • This may all sound like a lot but I’ve put mine on the scale and all told (including an i-pad) it’s 4.6Kg

It’s much better to be prepared for bad weather and not have to dig into it than to have inappropriate clothing and suffer.

Other Items

In addition to clothing, there are some other things you might want to bring. Most of this you can buy there.

  • Towel. They will provide you a showering towel but the charter co suggests a personal beach towel. Maybe easier to buy one on Saturday and leave it behind. Annoying to travel with in my opinion.
  • Sun cream
  • First aid kit. We’ll have one on board but some people like to have a little kit of band-aids/plasters, paracetamol/aspirin, bite cream, etc. Most on board first aid kits are injury-oriented.
  • There will be a snorkel and fins on board (one set) but the Scottish amongst you may be willing to brave 17 degree water to go for a poke around.
  • Power packs for devices. Charge them fully beforehand.
  • Outlets in Croatia are of type F (same as across Europe. C and E will work as well). However, you won’t be able to plug anything in onboard unless we’re hooked up to shore power. I’d leave things like hairdryers behind.

Passage Plan

Saturday, May 14

  • Meetup in Pula marina
  • Dinner in town or on board
  • Sleep on boat

Sunday, May 15 – Medulin

  • 12nm sail to Medulin Marina

Screenshot 2016-05-08 19.55.36

Monday, May 16

  • 30nm sail to Osor

To Osor

Tuesday, May 17

  • 30 nm sail to Olib

To Olib

Wednesday, May 18

  • 25nm sail to Mali Losinj

To Mali Losinj

Thursday, May 19

  • 32nm sail to bay in Pula

To Bay on Pula Peninsula

Friday, May 20

  • 9nm sail to Marina Verdura

To Marina Verdura

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