Heading to NYC for Advertising Week

Advertising Week NYC 2013It’s that time of year again when the whirlwind conference season comes to a close, but not before the granddaddy of them all has its run: Advertising Week NYC. I’m heading out today for what feels like a gauntlet of meetings, dinners, cocktails, conferences, summits, breakfasts, and general hobnobbing and glad-handing.

While there’s no way on earth to attend all the events — a quick back of the fag packet estimation is that there are nearly 400 different events going on that are part of the official Advertising Week agenda. That’s not counting private parties and receptions, events that companies are holding in the slip stream of the week.

I’m certainly looking forward to the YieldEx Executive Summit, which always delivers top quality content. OMMA Global, the IAB Global Summit and MIXX, and a few long-overdue industry meetings are what I’m most looking forward to.

Jalal Nasir, founder and CEO of Pixalate is hosting a session on Monday that I’ll unfortunately miss due to travel. Pixalate is my newest client and I’m helping them launch their product in the UK. It would have been great to see him co-present with Ben from GourmetAds.

At any rate, please bear with my tweets and Facebook updates from the events during the upcoming week. If you are in NYC for Advertising Week or for some other reason, I’d love to see you. Just drop me a note via Facebook, Twitter or that old standby, email.