Fat is good for you; Avoid Whole Wheat & “Heart Healthy” Food

Eggs, hollandaise, salmon. No muffin. A perfect breakfast for weight loss and high energy!
Eggs, hollandaise, salmon. No muffin. A perfect breakfast for weight loss and high energy!
This article in Business Insider is a first for me: a non-health site covering a lot of the food myths that are prevalent in our society. I’ve never seen these topics covered so clearly and succinctly outside of specialty blogs/sites/sub-reddits. Very encouraging. I’ve been through it a couple times trying to see if it’s a paid endorsement or otherwise ‘compromised’ but it looks fairly legit.

The author, Kris Gunnars, operates a blog called Authority Nutrtion that doesn’t outwardly sell anything. I don’t know, maybe there’s a commercial aspect somewhere here but I don’t immediately see it.

The key items are:

  • Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet and do not raise your risk of heart disease. Eggs for breakfast can help you lose weight.
  • All calories are not created equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways and have varying effects on hunger, hormones and health.
  • saturated fat does not increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. It raises the good cholesterol and changes the “bad” cholesterol to a benign subtype.
  • protein has positive effects on bone health in the long run and does not raise the risk of kidney disease in healthy individuals. Eating a high protein diet has many important health benefits.
  • Bottom Line: Wheat is the biggest source of gluten in the diet. Many studies are showing that wheat, including whole wheat, can contribute to various health problems.
  • Coffee contains very large amounts of antioxidants. Studies show that coffee drinkers are at a much lower risk of developing many serious diseases.
  • unprocessed red meat does not raise your risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes. There is a very weak association with cancer, but most likely caused by excessive cooking and not the meat itself.
  • The low-fat, high-carb diet recommended by the mainstream nutrition organizations is a miserable failure and has been repeatedly proven to be ineffective.
  • Excess consumption of refined seed- and vegetable oils can increase inflammation in the body and dramatically raise your risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Low-carb diets are the easiest, healthiest and most effective way to lose weight and reverse metabolic disease. It is pretty much a scientific fact at this point.
  • Despite sodium restriction being able to mildly reduce blood pressure, this does not lead to improved health outcomes.
  • The harmful effects of excess sugar go way beyond empty calories. Sugar can have severe adverse effects on metabolism, leading to weight gain and many serious diseases.
  • Fat doesn’t make you fat. Diets that are high in fat (but low in carbs) lead to much more weight loss than diets that are low in fat

There are quite a few scientific studies cited in the piece:

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