Day 4 – Mali Losinj // Olib

Olib inner harbour

Nice neat simple sail on a beam reach for the entire day. Crew mostly sunbathed on the foredeck as we were pushed along by a mild F3. Cloudless day with a lunch on the run.

As appears to be typical in these parts, the wind kicked up very quickly, veering to the North as we approached Olib harbour. The harbour here is very shallow with space only for a few deep keeled yachts like Starscatcher. The few spots that can accommodate larger yachts are on a sea wall facing open water to the North.

A tricky little exercise in parking ensued as we backed into the sea wall in the increasing wind and chop. Good old bow thrusters to the rescue. A bit of drama as we tied up the stern lines and moved out enough to give the transom some breathing room between us and the concrete mole.

Once squared away we made for the the (I.e. The only) bar / cafe on the island of 140 inhabitants. No cars are allowed and things get done by bicycle, 4×4, and tractor. Spent a hearty night drinking with other sailors and various locals. Spagbol onboard for dinner, prepared by his 1st mate Keith who doubles as onboard chef.