Day 1 – Vilanova il Geltru – Barcelona

Good first day despite the early start. Bethan, Natasha, Al, Abbie, and I met at the train station at about 7. Had a cheap breakfast and got underway around 11. Boat was in great condition and ship-shape. Despite the predictions we actually had a bit of  wind and sailed for an hour or two. However, as we had to get Bethan to Port Olympic by 6:30 we had to throw the motor on for a good 4 hours in order to make speed. We were only doing about 2.5 knots under sail. At the southernly clear water mark outside the BCN TSS, though, we switched off the engine and sailed through the parking lot of tankers and cargo ships. Made it in nice and safely, 30 minutes early, to Porto Olympic. Insanely complicated check in procedure involving passports, insurance docs, signatures, etc.

Crew, for novice sailors, are doing a great job, getting involved and stuck in. Al is definitely keen and showed great instincts on the helm and in taking the lead on our lines when docking.

I did sufffer my first ever crew seasickness. Luckily after what was in was out it got better and we didn’t have to resort to anythinh more drastic.

We got squared away and tucked into our berth, had some cocktails on deck and said goodbye to Bethan who had a late flight back to London. 

Everyone was pretty knackered after the early start, long day in the sun and the vodka sodas so we opted for a meal in one of the tourist joints around the harbour. Still, 99 EUR for 4 people having steaks and lobster isnt’ bad.

Onward to Mataro on Day 2.