Day 1 – Sopers Hole to Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay – BVI

oct 27 day 1

– no cash but driver sorted me out
– arrived at tortola school in sopers hole
– met capn andy from poole
– met john and betty from ft collins
– met our boat, k’dar, a 36′ bavaria cruiser racer
– customs kerfuffle delayed start
– easy day after a nice lunch onboard and pushed off westward
– past little thatch and steeles point into the basin between joost van dyke and tortola
– had a very in depth safety briefing
– sailed around and practiced a few simple moves, tacking, points of sail
– reviewed the names of the boat
– john is working on his asa 101/103 for the week; betty is along for the ride and not testing

what i learned: some in depth anchoring skills. 4x length of depth for chain 7x for combo. watch for swing. locking knot to tie off a snub. learned the basics of the mainsail traveller.

what i was happy with: all the reading and training paid off and was pretty happy with overall knowledge

what i wasn’t happy with: when asked to do some knots all of a sudden it was like i never knew them. even the simple ones i can do in my sleep. Wasn’t particularly impressed with my sail flaking skills

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